No online working experience? No problem!

All job posts I saw require working experience. What about us, the newbies, who lack or don’t have any working experience? How will we get the working experience we need if nobody would hire us?

From the groups I’m a member in, I always see this as the number reason why freelancers hesitate in applying.

The truth is…

Not all job posts require working experience. In fact, there are a lot of job posts entertaining newbies.

I can attest to this because I started with completely no working experience in the field I want to be in.

I was not mentored or coached by anyone. I did not enroll in any online course. And I definitely didn’t have any training nor background in the field.

I only had my motivation to start with.

I landed my first job by…

Just browsing the Feed of Upwork for job posts.

It’s actually a simple analogy – to land a job, you have to apply to one.

In my case, I looked for the “easiest” job/s I can find.

Lucky enough, I found a job post who are hiring newbies (job post in image).


And the rest is history!

But be careful…

Not all job posts are open to newbies

Just because a client posted a job post doesn’t mean you have to apply.

If they’re looking for supervisors, managers, even vice presidents, they’re not going to hire someone who’s still building his/ her portfolio. For these positions, clients are looking for freelancers with relevant working experience.

Always use common sense in applying.

For clients who are willing to pay $ or $$ or are looking for entry level or even intermediate level , they’re more likely to hire newbies.

Besides, if a client is willing to pay $$$ or $$$$ for a more skilled professional or expert in the field, let’s respect his decision and let him find the perfect match for the job. Let’s not make the screening process hard for the client.

With offline working experience? You’re not a newbie at all!

Just because you just joined a group or you’re new in looking for online work doesn’t necessarily make you a newbie.

You might have 7 years of working experience in the BPO but it’s your first time working from home.

Yes, you’re a newbie in the freelancing industry. But no, you’re not a newbie in the profession.

Which means you can apply to job posts where your skills are applicable.

Most groups have members with 5 to 10 years working experience in the office. And already, they have landed jobs with a decent rate ($10 to $12).

So stop the excuses!

Update your resume, profile and/or website to match your current skills and experience.

Continue looking for job posts that are looking for newbies.

Don’t force yourself in job posts that require having relevant working experience.

If you lack the required knowledge and skills, spend ample time in training yourself.

Never wait for other people to present an opportunity. Instead, create the door to your desired destiny.

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