Approaching job posts on social media

approaching social media job posts

Nowadays, social media proves to be a haven of job opportunities. From Facebook to LinkedIn, you can see a lot of users placing job posts on social media.

While it is tempting to immediately respond to the job post, you must not hasten the interaction.

First impressions last. So it is important that you establish a good one.

Make your profile stand out

Your profile picture should be either a photo of you with white background, a professional photo, or any photo that shows your face.

This assures the client that he/ she is dealing with a person, a human being, and not a robot.

You can also place a profile video or cover video to spice your profile up. Or post a video of you demonstrating or marketing your skills.

Also, you can place your title/s in the bio or About section of your profile. This immediately lets the client know that you are what he/she is looking for.

Start with a greeting

Begin by saying “Hi” or “Hello” followed by the client’s name.

Nothing beats personal connection.

Simply messaging “interested” sounds like you’re just interested but not serious in applying.

Also, saying “how?” implies that you have not read the job post. Why? Most of the time, clients include the way the want to be contacted, i.e. “DM me”, “Send me a PM”, “Email me at (email address)”, or “Fill out this form (link)”.

Briefly introduce yourself

State your name, your title (if you have any like VA or OBM), location, and years in the industry.

Other details can be further discussed when you’ve been shortlisted and invited for an interview.

Mention how you can help

This is very important in establishing your expertise.

Since a job post already contains almost all of what the client is looking for, you can immediately assess the situation and determine what his or her problems are.

With that, you can also come up with a solution to address their needs.

You can say “I help (target clients) in (problems) by (solutions), and I can do the same for you.” Or “I have been doing this for my clients.”

Include skills and/or links

You can definitely mention the skills relevant to the job post. You can also include some that you think is related in what they’re looking for.

In addition, you can also place the links to your portfolio, website, and/or testimonials to add strength to the authority you’re trying to establish.

End with a closing remark

Looking forward to talk to you” or “Talk to you soon” may be some of the remarks you have. These are commonly used statements but you can add your own flare to it.

PS: DON’T underestimate your responses

Whenever someone posts a question in groups, it pays to respond to them especially if you have an answer or opinion about the topic. It increases your social presence and engagement. It also makes people more familiar with your name.

Also, it allows the other people to get a feel for your attitude.

Your attitude is something you can hide during an interview but not in your everyday life which nowadays is mostly seen on social media platforms. So please be more courteous in applying to social media job posts.

Remember: How you sound in your messages tells people a lot about you.

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