Breaking a Job Post in Upwork

This is a screenshot of a job post on Upwork

Let’s break this post down

This job post was from two years ago but it still holds a special place in my freelancing career.

I could never have gotten that motivation and conviction I needed if it wasn’t for this.

So let’s begin!

Job title and description

The title itself says that they’re looking for 20 freelancers. So they competition is not so steep in this case.

They also mentioned what they need – fast and accurate transcribers, reliable, can work with minimal supervision and familiar with American accents.

The critical part was also highlighted – having attention to detail.

Look at the next sentence: If you have transcription experience, it’s a plus!

What it implies is that you’re more likely to get hired if you have experience in transcribing audios but it’s not necessarily required.


For fixed-price projects, budgets are mentioned.

For hourly projects, it is symbolized by $, $$, $$$, $$$$.

Contract Duration

This is important because some clients want to hire immediately, for short term or long term.

For fixed-price projects, the start and end dates are specified.

For hourly projects, the duration of the project is mentioned i.e. less than 1 month, 3 to 6 months, more than 6 months.

Level of Expertise

Notice what they’re looking for: entry-level freelancers. Meaning, they’re looking for freelancers with the lowest rates but can deliver. They’re not looking for experts in the field because that means they’ll be paying larger amounts of money. What they’re looking for are newbies, which is perfect in my case!

Skills and expertise

Clients would indicate what skills they want the chosen freelancer to possess.

This helps the client properly screen the applicants. On the other hand, the freelancers who have seen this job post can assess themselves whether they have the required skills or not.

In my case, I looked at the skills and expertise needed and figured I have those (I researched transcription to get a better grasp of it).

So I applied and was hired!

You see, assessing a job post is not really complicated. All you have to do is look at each part, determine if you’re a fit, and respond according to the terms.

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