What if today is your day?

No, but seriously…

Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered “What if today is my day? What if today is the most amazing day of my life, so far? A day that would change my life forever.”

Or what if this is the sign you’re looking for to do that one thing you’ve wanted to do?

Well, what if it really is?

What if this is the day that would make everything better? A day that would make everything you’ve been through worth it. A day where it would all make sense – your pains, your challenges, the delays, the wait.

What’s good becomes great. What’s great becomes amazing. And what’s amazing becomes the start of a legend.

And all you had to do was to make that first step, take that first leap, say that yes, or do that task.

That would be awesome, right?

But then you hesitated.

You doubted your actions, your drive, your purpose.

And now, you’ll never know what today might have been if you haven’t had your second thoughts and turned your back on the opportunity.

So whatever it is that’s holding you back, let it go. And trust yourself. Trust that whatever it is that placed you in that position has a reason.

Trust the process.

It will make you into who you need to be, the person the world needs you to be. The you now needs to be molded into the you you’re supposed to be.

And one last thing: step out of your comfort zone

Everything you’ve been waiting for is just outside your box – the box of comfort, your comfort zone.

The moment you’ve stepped out of your barrier of fear is the moment you start growing. It’s right now and right here.

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