Productivity hack for the sleepy ones

I am one sleepy woman with a super busy life – juggling my job and studies.

So in order not to compromise anything, I have find a way to work around my “weakness” and use it to my advantage.


By working or studying for 3 to 4 hours when my energy level is at its highest. And then resting.

Once I overheat (my head literally feels hot and I feel dizzy), I simply close my eyes, relax and do nothing.

That’s right.

Do absolutely nothing.

Not even watching movies or taking a social media break would do you good because you’re still using your brain and eyes. You’re still allowing new information to come in. So in order to fully rest, don’t do anything.

You might be saying that doing nothing isn’t productive or that it’s a waste of time. But that’s not true.

When you have an overload of information, your brain can’t process the old information and stops taking in the new information.

What your brain has just taken in, let that sit and linger in your brain for a while. Let your brain cells process it before you let a new one in.

I remember one time…

I was stuck in balancing a trial balance for a couple of days. Every time I try to look for that 0.04, I just find myself going around in circles. I just can’t seem to find it.

I was so exhausted from searching that amount that I just turned my swivel chair around and stared at the blue wall for minutes.

A few minutes after, I thought of revisiting the journal entries and matching the entries with the checks issued.

And then BOOM!

I found the missing 0.04!

I felt so accomplished as I can now move on to other tasks.

I have come to realize that sleepiness is not a weakness. It’s a signal that I need to recharge to be at me best again!

So whenever you find yourself being sleepy or tired, don’t think of it as a weakness. Rather, use it to pave way for your strengths.

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