Jobs on Facebook: the Do’s in applying

Jobs on Facebook: the Do's in applying

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts in applying to jobs on Facebook, let’s go to do’s in applying.

Contact them through their preferred method

If the client asks you to comment your links and rates in the comment section, do it. If the client said “PM me”, then send a direct message. Contact through email if the client says so.

Whatever action is required, only do that. If you contact them in 5 different ways they are going to be annoyed. Also, it shows that you know how to follow instructions.

If you can’t follow the directions for application, then how can they be assured that you do good when they hire you, right?

When I posted a job opportunity before, a lot of people still messaged me when I already provided a Google form.

Follow up at least twice.

Follow up the next day and next week.

They might have been busy and forgot about you. Don’t worry. That’s normal. So the best thing for you to do is to ask them for an update.

Personalize your response.

Not only will this give you a competitive advantage but your response won’t be tagged as spam as well.

Mention the client’s name. Do your research on the client’s business. And include relevant experience.

Be upfront and blunt.

Being direct to the point is appreciated by your potential client.

It is not rude to set expectations and standards. Just don’t overpromise. Also, honestly speak about what you can do. Moreover, it is better to let them know what you want out of the relationship – part-time or full-time work.

Ask for referrals

Even though they might not know how you work yet, they may know somebody who needs your services.

You may even offer them a referral fee if you can close that client

That’s all for now! I hope this helps you land that next client.

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