My first RIAlization

As I was eating my breakfast on my table, wearing one of the many hats I have, I suddenly thought of how my life is today compared to 3 years ago.

Right now, I was under so much pressure – the pressure to have my own house, the pressure to provide a better life for my family, the pressure to meet deadlines, the pressure to start my thesis, the pressure to specialize or niche down, the pressure to know what my real career path is, the pressure to earn more, and so much more.

Unlike before where my only worry is catching up with my shows and all the showbiz gossip 😂

Then I realized that all of the pressure I was feeling was self-inflicted.
Nobody’s forcing me to do all of these things EXCEPT ME.

The fear to be left out, the fear to see someone come first, the fear of someone succeeding first before me, they’re all stemming from inside of me.

I felt it all when I started seeing other people’s big blocks of successes – all the stories, and their results.

I was being too hard on myself up to a point where I no longer enjoy what I’m doing.

All I’m thinking is “Will I meet this deadline? Will I earn more from this? Will this help me meet my goals faster?”

I was rushing into winning. It felt like I was being chased by time.

But it shouldn’t be the case, right?

I’m still young. Life’s just started. I have all the time in the world. I shouldn’t be under this immense pressure. Nothing’s chasing me. I’m not in a race or competition with other people.

So I’m deciding that this ends today.

From now on, I’ll take things slowly and watch my current actions unfold the pages of my future.

Today, I’ll constantly remind myself that everything and everybody has their own timeline. I won’t compare my chapter 3 to someone’s chapter 15.

And today, I’ll start regaining the passion I once had when I started 😃❤️

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