Support small businesses

Support small businesses

A small business is a big deal…to someone.

Putting up a small business embodies the person’s effort to have more and to be more.

It is a representation of someone’s dream, plans, efforts, goals, perseverance, and sometimes life savings.

So what should you do to small business owners?

Help them.

To help small business owners is both a privilege and a responsibility.

Whoever you are, whoever you may be, whatever you’re doing, helping small businesses to grow and thrive is in your hands. You have the power to help them be successful.

Instead of pulling them down, let us help each other achieve our dreams. Let’s push each other above and beyond.

How? By…

…spreading the word

  • Check their social media accounts – this increases brand awareness and engagement which serves as an organic way of advertisement.
  • Leave reviews – Whether it’s on Yelp, Amazon or Facebook, do it. It affects what and why they should buy from the business.
  • React, comment and share their posts – The more interaction a post gets, the higher the possibility of the post appearing on other’s feed.
  • Take photos and tag the business

…investing on them

  • Purchase an item – even a small purchase helps their business.
  • Don’t ask for discounts…yet – they’re just starting so every cent matters. If you can afford to tip your waiter, you can definitely afford to buy an item from a small business at full price.
  • Pay on time – sometimes, when you know the person running the business, you’ll either open a tab or tell them you’ll pay later. It’s tempting to do that, but please don’t. Most small businesses don’t have financial back ups so every money that comes in (and out) matters to them.

…changing your way of thinking

You might be used to buying branded items or things that are famous but it’s worth the risk to try out something new.

These small businesses have put everything they have into their businesses. As such, they can’t afford to screw up. They’re making sure that their products have the highest quality they can offer.

One wrong move, and their business might close for good.

(On a side note, you, as the consumer, also has a duty and an obligation to inspect the item you’re purchasing especially if it’s your first time to buy from the business.)

Also, think about the Just a Card movement, inspired by the powerful quote “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open”

To share…

I have a friend who recently opened her food business.

The first thing I did was to react on her post (it was a mango tapioca shake for sale). I then commented on her post, asking if it was still available. She reached out to me through Facebook Messenger. I bought 4 shakes. She was going to give me a discount but I insisted on paying in full.


Two happy hearts and four filled stomachs!

I also gave her a feedback through Messenger, which she posted on her timeline to attract more buyers.

I also do this for my mom from the moment she started her food venture. Sharing her posts and talking about it to my officemates gives her business an extra boost.


Most of the aforementioned costs zero, especially to:

  • Like or React on their post,
  • Comment on their posts,
  • Share it in your social media profile,
  • Talk about it, and
  • Change your way of thinking.

Quit being selfish!

Honey, I’ve got news for you, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

You are CAPABLE.

You are SKILLED.





You are WORTHY.

But the truth is…

The longer you HOLD BACK because of fear, the more that your target audience SUFFERS.

They get stuck.

They stay EXACTLY WHERE THEY ARE because you’re too worried to mess things up.

The longer you focus on yourself and all that unnecessary things, the longer your tribe waits for you.

“I’m not ready”

There’s no such thing as being perfectly ready.

So don’t give that excuse.

Sometimes, the moment you realize you’re already ready is when it’s right in front of you in an arm’s lengths and you just have to grab it.

You can’t step into your purpose and mission WITHOUT ACTION.

Take that step, and stop punishing people, both you and others, for your own insecurities.

Quit being selfish, and share you with the world that needs you.

Productivity hack for the sleepy ones

I am one sleepy woman with a super busy life – juggling my job and studies.

So in order not to compromise anything, I have find a way to work around my “weakness” and use it to my advantage.


By working or studying for 3 to 4 hours when my energy level is at its highest. And then resting.

Once I overheat (my head literally feels hot and I feel dizzy), I simply close my eyes, relax and do nothing.

That’s right.

Do absolutely nothing.

Not even watching movies or taking a social media break would do you good because you’re still using your brain and eyes. You’re still allowing new information to come in. So in order to fully rest, don’t do anything.

You might be saying that doing nothing isn’t productive or that it’s a waste of time. But that’s not true.

When you have an overload of information, your brain can’t process the old information and stops taking in the new information.

What your brain has just taken in, let that sit and linger in your brain for a while. Let your brain cells process it before you let a new one in.

I remember one time…

I was stuck in balancing a trial balance for a couple of days. Every time I try to look for that 0.04, I just find myself going around in circles. I just can’t seem to find it.

I was so exhausted from searching that amount that I just turned my swivel chair around and stared at the blue wall for minutes.

A few minutes after, I thought of revisiting the journal entries and matching the entries with the checks issued.

And then BOOM!

I found the missing 0.04!

I felt so accomplished as I can now move on to other tasks.

I have come to realize that sleepiness is not a weakness. It’s a signal that I need to recharge to be at me best again!

So whenever you find yourself being sleepy or tired, don’t think of it as a weakness. Rather, use it to pave way for your strengths.

What if today is your day?

No, but seriously…

Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered “What if today is my day? What if today is the most amazing day of my life, so far? A day that would change my life forever.”

Or what if this is the sign you’re looking for to do that one thing you’ve wanted to do?

Well, what if it really is?

What if this is the day that would make everything better? A day that would make everything you’ve been through worth it. A day where it would all make sense – your pains, your challenges, the delays, the wait.

What’s good becomes great. What’s great becomes amazing. And what’s amazing becomes the start of a legend.

And all you had to do was to make that first step, take that first leap, say that yes, or do that task.

That would be awesome, right?

But then you hesitated.

You doubted your actions, your drive, your purpose.

And now, you’ll never know what today might have been if you haven’t had your second thoughts and turned your back on the opportunity.

So whatever it is that’s holding you back, let it go. And trust yourself. Trust that whatever it is that placed you in that position has a reason.

Trust the process.

It will make you into who you need to be, the person the world needs you to be. The you now needs to be molded into the you you’re supposed to be.

And one last thing: step out of your comfort zone

Everything you’ve been waiting for is just outside your box – the box of comfort, your comfort zone.

The moment you’ve stepped out of your barrier of fear is the moment you start growing. It’s right now and right here.

Remote Work: More than a Trend

remote work, laptop lifestyle

Yes, it is. More than just a trend, remote work recognizes the possibility of finishing tasks without the need for physical presence.

Gone are the days where you have to pay people to sit in front of their computer, in their cubicle, from 8 am to 5 pm just to finish tasks.

With the modern era and technological advancements, we say goodbye to seat warmers and hello to the laptop lifestyle!

Without thinking too complicatedly, remote work has offered us so much more than just personal benefits.

Lighter traffic flow

With the reduction in the number of employees going to work, other people can experience lighter traffic flow and faster travel time.

As an added benefit, there will be less pollution since lesser vehicles will travel.

Less paper consumed

Paper is made through trees.

With the increased usage of the digital space, lesser volume of paper is consumed.

This will definitely benefit the environment.

Updated workforce training

Because workers aren’t trained for in office environments, independent professionals need to train themselves for self-management, online etiquette, and asynchronous communication.

As a result, a new breed of leaders are rising.

Work-life balance

Because of the flexibility of your schedule, you can now go out with your family and friends, travel more, maybe sleep more. Whatever you want to do, you now have the freedom to do so.

Conserving natural resources

Since you’re now working at home, you don’t have to take a bath everyday! You can even wear the same clothes for days.

Kidding on this one!

Never forget your hygiene.

So now, what do you think? Is remote work a trend? Or is it here to stay?