Elevator pitch your way

elevator pitch

For better understanding, let’s first define what an elevator pitch is.

An elevator pitch is an indirect selling technique which is used to get a “meeting” with a potential client or investor that ranges from 30 to 45 seconds. This would also establish your tone in an interview.

Do this in a way that the person you’re talking to can see and understand the value you can bring to the table and would love to hear more.

But without losing your grip to his or her interest. Hence the 30 to 45-second time limit!

NEVER start your elevator pitch with details about your personal life. You are not begging for a job. You are selling your products and/or services.

Take note: Clarify what problem are you solving and what benefits they’ll be reaping in very little time.

The elevator pitch has to explain the following things in one phrase per question.

What are you doing?

I help people improve their daily business operations.

What problem do you solve?

A problem many starting entrepreneurs have is that they don’t have a system in place.

How do you solve that problem? What are the benefits?

That is why I am doing an online course on how to setup your own system, where you will have streamlined processes and organized system.

Why should I buy it from you?

Unlike other programs that would just walk you through their own systems and just replicate it to make it as your own, this course lets you customize this system so that you can have your personalized, niche-focused system.

Call to action

If this peaks your interest, I’d be happy to send you more information. When are you free for a meeting?

Always remember, don’t take more than 30 seconds in talking because your potential client might lose their interest or stop paying attention if you take too long.

7 healthy self-care habits you can do

Just like a plant, you need water to drink, air to breathe, food to energize, sunlight to glow, and care to grow. So make sure you take care of your health and wellness first.
Just like a plant, you need water to drink, air to breathe, food to energize, sunlight to glow, and care to grow.

Health is wealth.

A cliché, yes, but it’s still true. No matter what industry you’re in, your welfare should come first.

Yes, building your business and making money is important but don’t forget yourself in the process. Your money and wealth won’t matter if your health is compromised.

Here is a list to get you started!

1) REST!

The biggest self-appreciation and the greatest self-care you can do is to go to bed. Sleep early. Sleep in.

Let’s face this: when you’re tired, you need to rest. Your body needs rest. Your mind needs rest.

Studies show that sleeping away from gadgets is the quickest way to fall asleep and get the much needed rest you deserve. But when you can’t help but use your phone or computer, just make sure to stop 2 hours before going to sleep.

2) Know and understand your triggers.

The person who bests know you is yourself.

Stay away from anyone or anything that can put you in a dark corner.


It’s okay to cut relationships if it’s too toxic for you.

3) Honor and respect your emotions and boundaries.

Respecting the boundaries you set is one of the ways you can practice self-love and self-care.

Allow nothing to cross the boundaries that YOU have set. That’s already a sign of disrespect.

4) Listen to your body!

Your body will tell you what you need.

Don’t brush off what you’re feeling. Your body might be experiencing something threatening.

Go to a doctor if you’re in pain instead of researching your symptoms on the Internet.

In the meantime, take care of yourself by working out, walking outside, staying hydrated and more.

5) Speak nicely to yourself.

How you speak to yourself impacts you more than how others speak to and about you. Respect yourself more.

6) Make time for yourself.

It can be anything – walking, exercising, reading, writing, whatever you want.

When you develop this as a habit, you become more self-reliant and independent.

7) Write in a journal

A lot of people would probably say this: writing down how you feel will release it from your mind.

If you don’t like to write it down, there are a lot of journaling apps to use. You can also use the Notes or Memo feature of your phone

Note to self:

Nurture your mind, body and spirit to be more confident in your voice, your capabilities, and your wellbeing.

Of course, depending on what your situation is, the list may change but this can definitely help you start your journey towards self-care.

Breaking a Job Post in Upwork

This is a screenshot of a job post on Upwork

Let’s break this post down

This job post was from two years ago but it still holds a special place in my freelancing career.

I could never have gotten that motivation and conviction I needed if it wasn’t for this.

So let’s begin!

Job title and description

The title itself says that they’re looking for 20 freelancers. So they competition is not so steep in this case.

They also mentioned what they need – fast and accurate transcribers, reliable, can work with minimal supervision and familiar with American accents.

The critical part was also highlighted – having attention to detail.

Look at the next sentence: If you have transcription experience, it’s a plus!

What it implies is that you’re more likely to get hired if you have experience in transcribing audios but it’s not necessarily required.


For fixed-price projects, budgets are mentioned.

For hourly projects, it is symbolized by $, $$, $$$, $$$$.

Contract Duration

This is important because some clients want to hire immediately, for short term or long term.

For fixed-price projects, the start and end dates are specified.

For hourly projects, the duration of the project is mentioned i.e. less than 1 month, 3 to 6 months, more than 6 months.

Level of Expertise

Notice what they’re looking for: entry-level freelancers. Meaning, they’re looking for freelancers with the lowest rates but can deliver. They’re not looking for experts in the field because that means they’ll be paying larger amounts of money. What they’re looking for are newbies, which is perfect in my case!

Skills and expertise

Clients would indicate what skills they want the chosen freelancer to possess.

This helps the client properly screen the applicants. On the other hand, the freelancers who have seen this job post can assess themselves whether they have the required skills or not.

In my case, I looked at the skills and expertise needed and figured I have those (I researched transcription to get a better grasp of it).

So I applied and was hired!

You see, assessing a job post is not really complicated. All you have to do is look at each part, determine if you’re a fit, and respond according to the terms.

Approaching job posts on social media

approaching social media job posts

Nowadays, social media proves to be a haven of job opportunities. From Facebook to LinkedIn, you can see a lot of users placing job posts on social media.

While it is tempting to immediately respond to the job post, you must not hasten the interaction.

First impressions last. So it is important that you establish a good one.

Make your profile stand out

Your profile picture should be either a photo of you with white background, a professional photo, or any photo that shows your face.

This assures the client that he/ she is dealing with a person, a human being, and not a robot.

You can also place a profile video or cover video to spice your profile up. Or post a video of you demonstrating or marketing your skills.

Also, you can place your title/s in the bio or About section of your profile. This immediately lets the client know that you are what he/she is looking for.

Start with a greeting

Begin by saying “Hi” or “Hello” followed by the client’s name.

Nothing beats personal connection.

Simply messaging “interested” sounds like you’re just interested but not serious in applying.

Also, saying “how?” implies that you have not read the job post. Why? Most of the time, clients include the way the want to be contacted, i.e. “DM me”, “Send me a PM”, “Email me at (email address)”, or “Fill out this form (link)”.

Briefly introduce yourself

State your name, your title (if you have any like VA or OBM), location, and years in the industry.

Other details can be further discussed when you’ve been shortlisted and invited for an interview.

Mention how you can help

This is very important in establishing your expertise.

Since a job post already contains almost all of what the client is looking for, you can immediately assess the situation and determine what his or her problems are.

With that, you can also come up with a solution to address their needs.

You can say “I help (target clients) in (problems) by (solutions), and I can do the same for you.” Or “I have been doing this for my clients.”

Include skills and/or links

You can definitely mention the skills relevant to the job post. You can also include some that you think is related in what they’re looking for.

In addition, you can also place the links to your portfolio, website, and/or testimonials to add strength to the authority you’re trying to establish.

End with a closing remark

Looking forward to talk to you” or “Talk to you soon” may be some of the remarks you have. These are commonly used statements but you can add your own flare to it.

PS: DON’T underestimate your responses

Whenever someone posts a question in groups, it pays to respond to them especially if you have an answer or opinion about the topic. It increases your social presence and engagement. It also makes people more familiar with your name.

Also, it allows the other people to get a feel for your attitude.

Your attitude is something you can hide during an interview but not in your everyday life which nowadays is mostly seen on social media platforms. So please be more courteous in applying to social media job posts.

Remember: How you sound in your messages tells people a lot about you.

No online working experience? No problem!

All job posts I saw require working experience. What about us, the newbies, who lack or don’t have any working experience? How will we get the working experience we need if nobody would hire us?

From the groups I’m a member in, I always see this as the number reason why freelancers hesitate in applying.

The truth is…

Not all job posts require working experience. In fact, there are a lot of job posts entertaining newbies.

I can attest to this because I started with completely no working experience in the field I want to be in.

I was not mentored or coached by anyone. I did not enroll in any online course. And I definitely didn’t have any training nor background in the field.

I only had my motivation to start with.

I landed my first job by…

Just browsing the Feed of Upwork for job posts.

It’s actually a simple analogy – to land a job, you have to apply to one.

In my case, I looked for the “easiest” job/s I can find.

Lucky enough, I found a job post who are hiring newbies (job post in image).


And the rest is history!

But be careful…

Not all job posts are open to newbies

Just because a client posted a job post doesn’t mean you have to apply.

If they’re looking for supervisors, managers, even vice presidents, they’re not going to hire someone who’s still building his/ her portfolio. For these positions, clients are looking for freelancers with relevant working experience.

Always use common sense in applying.

For clients who are willing to pay $ or $$ or are looking for entry level or even intermediate level , they’re more likely to hire newbies.

Besides, if a client is willing to pay $$$ or $$$$ for a more skilled professional or expert in the field, let’s respect his decision and let him find the perfect match for the job. Let’s not make the screening process hard for the client.

With offline working experience? You’re not a newbie at all!

Just because you just joined a group or you’re new in looking for online work doesn’t necessarily make you a newbie.

You might have 7 years of working experience in the BPO but it’s your first time working from home.

Yes, you’re a newbie in the freelancing industry. But no, you’re not a newbie in the profession.

Which means you can apply to job posts where your skills are applicable.

Most groups have members with 5 to 10 years working experience in the office. And already, they have landed jobs with a decent rate ($10 to $12).

So stop the excuses!

Update your resume, profile and/or website to match your current skills and experience.

Continue looking for job posts that are looking for newbies.

Don’t force yourself in job posts that require having relevant working experience.

If you lack the required knowledge and skills, spend ample time in training yourself.

Never wait for other people to present an opportunity. Instead, create the door to your desired destiny.