Smarter, Not Harder

smarter, not harder

Working smarter, not harder, is an age-old adage.

In pursuing your goals, it is always important to plan ahead and act towards the path of your success. However, working hard is not always the most effective way of doing it.

To illustrate working smarter versus working harder

Let’s take two employees working in an office.

Both are doing the same tasks, say computing.

Both employees have a calculator and computer in front of them. One used the calculator. The other one used the computer. Now, both worked hard. They finished the tasks given within the day.

But who do you think worked smarter?

The one who used the computer, EXACTLY!

Why? Because all he had to do was to input formulas, and the rest is history. Unlike using a calculator where you have to push buttons all the time to get the desired output.

Working smarter means consuming less time and exerting less effort yet arriving at the same results as doing just the plain hard work. Plus the added benefit of doing so much more in the given working hours.

It’s just like that with freelancing.

Instead of putting in those extra hours, working your butt off to earn a few bucks, you can become more effective at work by focusing on what really matters. Manage your time wisely and take strategic breaks. Provide value to your clients so you can ask for higher, reasonable rates. That way, you can earn more while working less.

How do you do that?

1. Prioritize

Make a list of your tasks. Be sure to double-check the list to ensure that no task is left behind. Cross out the finished ones so you can see your progress.

Also, you can decline in working opportunities when you’re loaded. You don’t have to rush earning. Accepting more would mean doing more especially if the tasks are different from each other. Learning to say no would save you a whole lot of headaches and rush. This would allow you to avoid over-scheduling and would give you ample time for your current tasks.

Try to avoid multitasking as much as possible because you’ll often be finishing less than more because your mind would be switching back and forth from one task to another. You’d be rattled and overwhelmed. Just pick one task at a time to focus on and set sufficient time in finishing it.

2. Properly deal with clients

Communicate how you’re going to get the job done and what the normal turnaround time would be. Never accept a “bad” job. Low rates with a lot of tasks to do would fall in that description Negotiate if necessary. This could be done before accepting the job especially if it’s a rush job.

3. Get more in less time

Consider and prepare the tools you need in working. Make your methods as efficient as possible.

Try to re-strategize your process in a way that you could be faster yet maintain the same quality of output you’ve been producing, if not improved. This would entail looking for shortcuts. Not for the sake of being lazy nor doing it the easy way but being wise.

You could also delegate the tasks to the right people if you have people. Avoid procrastination by pushing yourself hard to do work when it’s time for work.

4. Take care of yourself

Your wealth will not matter if your health is failing you. Rest, take periodic breaks, and stay hydrated.

NOTE: LIMO – Less input, more output!

We only have 24 hours a day so let’s make the most out of it.

Video: Way More Than Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, can you imagine how much a video is worth?

What is a video?

A video is an effective form of communication.

Whether you’re in marketing, sales, public relations, it is an eye-catching strategy. It engages and reaches the people more. It gives people the opportunity to see things from other people’s perspective or yours.

Purpose of a video

Video informs and entertains people, good or bad. It helps people to be aware that you exist. It helps showcase your ideas through your images. One good video can lead to a massive social following, and a bad one can lead to your decline.

So be sure that the power of your ideas and videos merge.

11 Reasons Why You Should Choose Freelancing

Traditional out, modern in.

This has been the current trend when it comes to working. Gone are the days where people are looking for office jobs. Now, what they want are out-of-the-box ideas of making money while being out of the walls of a cubicle.

What is it that makes people shift their preference from office jobs to freelancing? According to Freelancing in America: 2017 (FIA), the most comprehensive measure of the U.S. independent workforce, 63 percent of freelancers said by choice when asked whether they started freelancing more by choice or necessity.

That’s just in the US. The labor force in other countries such as India, Australia and here in the Philippines have started looking into freelancing.

The reasons may be different for every individual. However, with my experience of working as a freelancer for more than a year now, I could pick out the top reasons why people opt to go for freelancing.

1. There’s no place like home

Some people dread staying in the office from 8 am to 5 pm because they wake up early, deal with traffic, hate staying in one place and more. With freelancing, you can work while sitting on a couch or on your bed. You can even take as many breaks as you can plus you don’t have to get up so early (unless you’re working shift is in the morning).

2. Comfort and convenience

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of commuting, the heavy traffic, and the congested jeepneys or buses. All you have to do is turn on your laptop and you’re good to go! You don’t even have to wear a uniform. You can work in your pajamas, your house clothes, even with your shirt off (except in talking with your current and/or prospective clients and their customers).

3. Be your own boss

People are different in many ways. Some people want a boss who’s micromanaging everything. Others just hate being ruled by someone senior to him. If you belong to the latter category, then you should definitely consider switching to freelancing.

4. Unbounded earnings

Feeling underpaid for your completed work? If you switch to freelancing, your earnings will be directly proportional to the work you complete. You determine your own rate and working hours. If you aim big, all you have to do is charge higher (should be reasonable) and work longer. You can also have more than one client which means more money for you. The more you work, the more you earn.

5. Select your schedule

Some jobs at online freelancing platforms may require you to work at specific times (regular or graveyard shift) but the majority of freelancing jobs allows you to have time flexibility. Some clients won’t even care what time you work as long as you get the job done and meet their standards.

6. Pick your projects

Don’t want the task assigned to you by your boss? You don’t have to worry about that in freelancing. Only you will decide what work you are willing to do.

7. Expand your expertise

You’re not bounded by your degree or your current capabilities. In freelancing, you can choose to practice your finished degree or study another one. You can enhance your current skills and learn new ones. The opportunities of widening your skill set are limitless.

8. Test Your Talent

Some people find easy projects too boring. What they’re looking for is challenging work. Something where they can prove their capabilities. With freelancing, you are able to take up a challenging job without the fear of being fired. At the most, you’ll end up getting one low rating and bad feedback, which would certainly not affect your job success score much if you have a lot of successfully completed jobs to your work portfolio.

9. Feel your freedom

Want to go on a trip with your friends or family? No more begging for your boss to approve your leave. No more filing of leave. You can easily manage your projects to schedule your trip whenever you want. You can also work away from home. Just bring your laptop and Wi-Fi, and you’re all set to work again.

10. Live your life with your loved ones

You no longer have to regret not seeing your child grow because you’re in the office nor do you have to worry about taking time off for your family. You can earn money for your living while spending quality time with your family.

11. Slim down your spending

Spending too much on transportation fare or on lunch? With freelancing, you can cut down these expenses. Add to it, you do not have to shell out money for those uniforms or formal attires which you would probably hate to wear anyway.

It is evident that freelancing has a lot of advantages. However, since not everyone can succeed in making money online, I would suggest you start assessing your skills and research about freelancing.

You can start looking into online freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freeeup or and search on what niche you want to specialize in. You can also join in social media groups because clients post job opportunities there most of the time. (Click here to know the right approach to job posts on social media)

After you’ve determined it, go make your profile and start with part-time jobs. Once you start getting a good number of projects, you can definitely quit your office job to work full time as a freelancer.